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Bangkok Inside:
3 Days 2 nights "just the must go destinations"

Bangkok Inside

Bangkok is the number one best destination to visit all around the world. "Yes, that's true" and everyone knew. But why? Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, the city located on both sides of the giant river called Chao Phraya river. The simple and easy custom of Thai people is very interesting. Moreover, the traditional, the historical, arts and architect

This package had selected all interesting places of Bangkok to put in the program. It is suitable for anyone who needs the holiday time to be the top value. No need to waste time too much to reach the tourism places. Offer this special experience travel by the high professional service team. "Guarantee that all your emotions will be eliminated, just the happiness one has remained.

To make sure your holiday time in Bangkok will be the best, please read all the details of illustration, program below and submit the booking. Or..... to make sure to get full details to be the composition of your last consideration, just contact: Whatsapp : +66848053153 Line Id: @jctour or Call +66895727603.

The grand palace and emerald buddha temple.

Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside
Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside
Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside

There are 2 great things in Thailand that are the top dream of tourists who are planning to visit Thailand; one is the grand palace and the other is the emerald buddha temple.

The grand palace of the Thai King is considered to be the most delicate art decoration, the place is over-imagined and gorgeous.

The emerald buddha temple is the temple for any ceremonials of the Thai Royal. Absolutely, all the religion building concerns the buddhism temple was built as over normal fine - top special gorgeous.

Floating market: Damnern Saduak.

Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside
Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside

The first floating market of Thailand, the local people put the things on the local paddle boat for sale, all hand made products such as food, wood carved, vegetable, fruits, sweets, jungle products, cloths etc. can be bought by bargaining price. Visit this floating market to see and learn the traditions of Bangkok people.

Tain road track market and umbrellas market is the same.

Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside
Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside

The railroad or umbrellas market is the market of local people. For sure that you will have fun shopping the local people's products, a hundred shops made by umbrellas. In a while, waiting for the magic time; the train runs past the market, automatically all umbrellas fall down at the same time. Great idea to stop to see this unseen moment and go shopping.

Wat Arun and Wat Poh

Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside
Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside

Wat Arun temple is the important part of the Bangkok picture frame, the mixed Cambodian and Thai art, located in the town on the main riverside makes stunning to everyone who has seen. The amazing pagoda and every component make it interesting. Yep, you will see this all area.

Wat Poh: the story about the unbelievably beautiful reclining Buddha in this temple is the high magnetic attraction - around the world travelers have  been attracted to this temple. We will go to see how beautiful the monk is.?

Asiatique means southeast of asia.

Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside

This is the best bazaar for walking and window shopping. The malls, international and local food court, brand name products  from around the world area, river overview, many fine restaurants, giant swing for Bangkok city view and many others. Why do we miss this?, no you will not miss this place, it is included in your package already.

Bang Pa-in palace.

Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside

Bang Pa-In palace was built by King Prasat Thong 149 years ago. The palace has been taking care all the situation and looks like it was finished yesterday. The location is the island on the river, the scenery around is better than a 5 stars resort. The palace will still be the temporary residence of the Thai King some time. And tourists can visit the palace on a fixed time. "We will set the time that you can go in for sure."

Krung Sri Ayudhya - the historical prosperous capital.

Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside
Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside
Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside

The center of knowledge concerning Thai history; palace, temples, old houses and many buildings are unable to calculate value. This old city area has been registered to be a world heritage. So many things and details are still secret from the public, we have to prepare a specialist tour guide to explain all for you. "This package can not be used as a normal tour guide.."

Concerning thailand museum.

Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside
Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside

All the Thai traditional arts had been collected in this museum. Besides, to see all the strange nice art, you will know all about the traditional, custom, arts, the way of living life, historical, belief and religion of Thai people. Easy to understand passing the show cases.

Center town Bangkok - nice hotel you are staying in.

Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside
Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside
Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside

This package needs you to get in the real Bangkok, so it includes the hotel in city center - Novotel Siam Square. This hotel is surrounded by many big shopping centers, department stores, restaurants, shops, bars and so many other things. The Novotel brand world class makes sure that your room and facilities make you get full happy staying.

Dinner river cruise.

Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside
Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside

Sightseeing Chao Praya riversides by the dinner cruise boat. The boat serves great Thai food and drinks and the boat cruises along the river passing Bangkok town. Looking at things and getting the atmosphere of sunset time.

Programs :

Day 1  
06:00 AM: The private service team of you from Jc.Tour is waiting to  welcome you at Donmuang airport.
- Your tour guide shows the board with your name on it.
- Tour guides introduce the teams and carry your belongings into the minivan. Leads to the car and starts the trip.
09:00 AM: The grand palace; all square inches are gorgeous. This is the top signature place of Thailand. The special tour guide for the grand palace starts the tour for you.
10:30 AM: Continue to Emerald Buddha, the temple of Thailand, the most beautiful art of decoration by Thai style..
11:30 AM: Wat Poh, the tour guide, leads walking on the bank of the river to the other side - seeing this amazing temple. See and show respect to the gold reclining Buddha
12:30 PM: Lunch at the restaurant on the river side. Enjoy the best lunch amid the river atmosphere.
14:30 PM: Take the river cross boat to the other side. Tour the magic pagoda of Wat Aroon. The art of Cambodia and Ayudhaya mixed to be amazing.
16:00 PM: Check in at the hotel located in the middle of the city. Very comfortable Novotel Bangkok hotel siam square..
17:30 PM: Pick up from the hotel for a special dinner - luxury cruise along the river, having dinner with Thai traditional shows.
21:00 PM: Back to the hotel.

Day 2  
07:00 AM: Breakfast at the hotel.
08:30 AM: Tour guide picks up at the hotel lobby for a second day tour.

- The first tourism place today is of world class reputation - original floating market of Thailand. - Damnurn Saduak market.

- The boat was prepared waiting for you. Take the boat and go into the river market. The boat cruises from north to south. So many boat shops pass by. Great to see, great to do shopping, nice for bargaining and a perfect relaxing holiday.

- Umbrellas market. Funny seeing things, studying the traditional passing of the products for sale. And amazing umbrellas full down when a train pass.
11:30 AM: Arrival at Amphawa  market. This is the local village on the river. Discovery along the village over the canal; temple, school, rural village, local people trade, peaceful living life and simple style of people.

- Lunch at a canalside restaurant.
13:00 PM: Tour guide set up the boat for canal trip - sightseeing along the water side.
15:00 PM: The minibus return back to Bangkok.
17:00 PM: Stop the best modern bazaar of Asia in Bangkok. It is located on the side of Chao Phraya river - Asiatique. The warehouse style is separated into each bazaar with different products. Nice place before dark time.
18:00 PM: Dinner at the nice restaurant on the bazaar - delicious foods.

- Arriving at the hotel, the nightlife of Bangkok is always open all-night. You can have fun until bedtime.

Day 3  
07:00 AM: Breakfast at the hotel.
08:30 AM: Check out and leave the hotel for a tour on the last day of the package.

- We visit the historical prosperous capital of Thailand - Ayutthaya.

- Chaiwatthanaram  ancient temple.

- Bang Pa In Palace: the nice palace of the Thai Royal.

- Art of Kingdom museum: the museum about Thailand traditional art.

6 Ancient places show the prosperous old city in the history of Ayutthaya.
6.1 Chai Mongkul temple
6.2 Golden buddha.
6.3 Panan-Cheung temple.
6.4 Maha Thart temple
6.5 Sri Sunpetch temple.
6.6 Ancient village.

- Ayutthaya market.

- Souvenir shop.
16:30 PM: The package will be finished at Don Muang airport or somewhere you have ordered in the Bangkok capital city area.

If you love to customize as a personal favorite, just click to send your request.

Price :
Adult 18,500 Baht/person (Double room)
Child 9,500 Baht/person (3-12 Years)

Tour included:

  • Private tours for 3 days.
  • Private tour guide, standBy 24 hours for 3 days.
  • Private car with driver standby 24 hours
  • Round transfer from Bangkok airport.
  • All entrance fee to the place, activities following the program.
  • 2 Night accommodation - Novotel Siam Square
  • Meals.
  • Insurance for tourism.
Bangkok Inside Bangkok Inside

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